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Polyester Resins
Polyester Resins are styrene based products used in all types of composite construction. Commonly referred to as fiberglass resin or boat resin. An economical alternative to using epoxy resins. New Vinyl Ester resins are becoming more popular as an alternative to epoxies as well.

Polyester Gelcoats
Polyester Gelcoats are used generally as barrier coatings for protection or adding a color coating to your FRP part.

Epoxy Resins
Epoxy Resins are a two-part resin system used when high strength, low shrinkage and low brittleness are required. Epoxy resins outperform most polyester(orthophthalic) resins.

Epoxy User Guide & FAQ

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Colored Pigments
Colored pigments used to tint or tone polyester or epoxy resins to your desired color. Normally mixing of two colors is required to match certain looks. Transparent pigments allow clarity of the resin to remain, but with a colored tone.

Polyester Products
Duratec products used for mold coatings. plug coatings or gelcoat finishes are available along with body fillers, glazing putties and more.

Urethane Foam Pourable urethane foams used for flotation, insulation, carving, plugs and many other applications. 4 Densities available.

Urethane Foam FAQ

Mold Releases Waxes, aerosols and PVA liquid for releasing polyester and epoxy resins from your mold surface.

Aqua-Buff & Polishing Compound Aqua-Buff 2000 polishing compound and Finesse-It-II Finishing Compounding for polishing fiberglass, gelcoat, automotive and marine paints.